Who Am I?

"And so, Javert, you see it's true,
That man bears no more guilt than you!
Who am I?

*coughs* Sorry about that. Yes, I did just burst into song. No, it will not happen again. Who am I kidding? It will definitely happen again. 

I guess that tells you a little bit about me. I'm a lover of musicals. "How cliche," you might be thinking. Well, we're all cliche in one way or another, right?

Ok, so aside from angst-filled musicals, what else defines me? 
I am a follower of Christ Jesus. 
I am a college student (today: community college. Tomorrow: the world!). 
I am creative. I am an organizer (see: neat freak, OCD). 
I am a jewelry crafter. 
I am an avid reader. 
I am a list lover (clearly).
I am a parentheses lover (again, clearly).
I am a writer (maybe not a good one, but I am a writer). 
I am [sometimes] a Netflix fanatic. 
I am a Target shopper (Wal-Mart sucks, I'm sorry). 
I am a lover of all things vintage. 
I am a traveler. 
I am ambitious (sometimes too much so). 

Aaaaand as you might have guessed, I am a diabetic. Type 1, to be exact.* I won't go into how I was diagnosed and all that, because there's a blog post for that, and it's sort of a super long story. 

And if you came to this page just wanting to know the general purpose of this blog and instead got a bunch of weird facts about some vague college girl, then this part is for you. This blog is basically for me to document my diabetic journey from here on out. I don't personally know many other T1Ds, and I've found that it helps to write out my frustrations/joys. So don't expect a ton of happy crap- this is all about the ups, the downs, the everything in betweens. 

It's super casual, guys, so comment when you feel like it (be nice!). Share it with your diabetic friends. And if you're diabetic too, TELL ME, especially if you're new to this disease. I would like to get to know you and your beautiful insulin-dependent self. And I'm always available for advice/encouragement/ranting. 

Happy Pricking! (ok, sorry, that wasn't funny at all...)

-Shelby =)

*Juvenile Diabetes, also known as Type 1 Diabetes. Occurs mostly in children ages 0-20ish. And before you even ask (please don't ever ask THAT question), no, I did not get diabetes from eating too many Twinkies. It doesn't work like that, people. To find out how it DOES work, click here or here.

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